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Energy Local is a Community Interest Company (a type of not-for-profit). Mary Gillie and Linda Hilton are directors.

 Dr Mary GillieDr Mary Gillie ‘the Maiden with a Mission’

Founder of Energy Local, Mary is an applied physicist by training but her career has been as an engineer. She loves new ideas and has run numerous field trials and feasibility studies to make our energy systems more efficient and to connect more renewables. She enjoys working with science and people to make our society and environment better for everyone. She has been bringing together the different components for Energy Local for a number of years.

After gaining a first class masters in applied physics from the University of Edinburgh and her PhD at the University of Strathclyde, she has managed, led or been a team member in high profile technical innovative energy projects from a few thousand to millions of pounds.

Her main area of expertise is the development of smartgrids for the electricity distribution system to increase efficiency and to easily integrate renewable generation. Notably she lead Low Carbon Network Fund (LCNF) ‘Smart Village project’ working with Ashton Hayes, been technical engineer for LCNF Customer Lead Network Revolution and My Electric Avenue. She managed Ashton Hayes Low Carbon Communities Challenge (LCCC) Project and Local Energy Assessment Fund project and worked on Elexon funded investigations in local energy markets.

Dr Linda Hilton

Linda Hilton is a Chartered chemist. She has worked for large and small organisations including Unilever, Amec, the European Commission, Arvia Technology and Samarind Regulatory Management Systems.

She joined Energy Local to manage the development of the Home Hub and Energy Dashboard. She is still managing the testing and development of the system.

Energy Local recognises a good operations manager. She now keeps us all in order and looks after the rollout of Energy Local Clubs as Operations Director.

She was attracted to Energy Local because of its ethical values and its passion to help people save money, promote social cohesion and look after the planet.

Holly Tomlinson

Holly Tomlinson joined the Energy Local team in late 2017 as Regulation and Supplier Manager. She is responsible for resolving regulatory queries and working with Energy Suppliers and other energy industry participants on developing current and new projects.  She is also the Ynni Lleol Bethesda Energy Local Club Advisor, supporting the local group in recruiting new people, holding events and answering queries.

She was inspired to join Energy Local because it is a novel way to solve multiple problems in our energy system, whilst building community cohesion and giving people a stake in local renewables.  She is particularly enthusiastic about the potential of local balancing, which is at the heart of Energy Local, to make renewables work.

Prior to Energy Local, Holly worked for 6 years for renewable energy company, Ecotricity, as regulatory and policy analyst and regulatory team manager. 

In addition to working for Energy Local, she is a Director of Tyddyn Teg, a cooperatively run organic veg farm. She gets involved in various environmental campaigns and is a Wales branch coordinator for small and sustainable farmers union the Landworkers’ Alliance Cymru, which advocates for a fairer and more sustainable food system. She has a degree in international politics and economics and a graduate diploma in law, and continues to be interested in all these topics. 

David Waller

David joined Energy Local in December 2018 in his role as Engagement Manager and resident Data Analyst. David is primarily responsible for rolling out the Energy Local Home Hub.

David continues to run his own Internet business and has a background in research and development. He has worked for Redland Technology and Duracell Batteries and holds a degree in technology from the Open University and a masters in architecture from UEL/Centre for Alternative Technology in Advanced Environmental Energy Studies.

Sophie Hilton

Sophie Hilton joined Energy Local in June 2019 to work for the project during vacations from studying physics at the University of Manchester. Her role is administrative and test support.

She was attracted to Energy Local because of its aim of making the most economically and environmentally intelligent use of renewable energy within small communities. Furthermore, she finds the diverse dynamic within a scientific and technologically-based company refreshing and loves the progressiveness.


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