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Would you like to support local renewable energy and reduce your energy bill?


We now have a number of clubs recruiting or starting in the next few months.  Read about them and register your interest here.

Our first Energy Local Club is in 
Bethesda, North Wales.

We started the Bethesda trial in 2016 with aim of demonstrating the tools, systems and partnerships needed to make Energy Local Clubs work. The scheme is running successfully and we working with the community to expand the scheme.  Register your interest in Bethesda or other new clubs here.

Prior to Bethesda, our main Energy Local trial was SWELL (2015-2016), working in three villages in Oxfordshire. In total 48 households were involved in testing equipment designed to schedule electrical appliances to help ‘match’ local electricity demand with solar generation and ‘shift’ electricity use to low price periods. You can find out more and read the end of project reports here.

Behind the scenes of the Bethesda and SWELL trials there has been a lot of work on the tools and IT systems needed for Energy Local to work in any location.