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Below are links to trials that Energy Local is running.

SWELL – just south of Oxford, working with 48 households to match solar power.

OWLET – working Cyd Ynni and Bethesda to match with up to 200 households’ power usage with local hydro


Address Line 1/Llinell Cyfeiriad 1
Address Line 2/Llinell Cyfeiriad 2
Address Line 3/Llinell Cyfeiriad 3
Post Code/Cod Post
Telephone Number/Rhif ffon
Are you interested in participating in a trial?/Hoffech chi fod yn rhan o'r peilot?
Faint o bobl sy’n byw yn eich tŷ chi? / How many people live in your household?
Faint o lofftydd sydd yn eich tŷ chi? / How many bedrooms are there in your household?
Do you have solar panels?/ A oes gennych baneli solar?
Do you have gas heating?A oes gennych wres nwy?
Any comments or questions?/Sylwadau neu gwestiynau?