Project SWELL

SWELL – Watchfield, Shrivenham and Longcot

Prior to working in Bethesda our main Energy Local trial in 2015-2016 was called SWELL, located in west Oxfordshire in the villages of Watchfield, Shrivenham and Longcot. In total 48 households were involved in testing equipment which has been designed to schedule electrical appliances (in particular storage heaters and water heaters in 6 houses). The scheduling helped to ‘match’ local demand with local solar generation and ‘shift’ electricity usage into low price periods. There was also a display to show usage and the cheap times of day to use power.

The first stage of the trial involved monitoring usage for several months. In October 2015 we installed the scheduling equipment and started the main part of the trial.

The technology enabled us to calculate the savings that would have been made on an Energy Local tariff. We paid each household the share of these savings in shopping vouchers.

The project was co-funded by InnovateUK and there were 7 partners: Energy Local, Exergy Devices, Oxford University ECI (project research & evaluation), De Montfort University (Energy Local Impact modelling), Moixa (energy storage), Weset, Energise Sussex Coast and Cooperative Energy.

You can view resources and project reports from the trail below.
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-The project is now closed – read the final project reports (Click here)