Newsletter – May 2017

1. Film: top tips for shifting your energy demand 

A big part of making Energy Local work is helping people to shift their energy use to renewable-rich times of the day – when the hydro is pumping, the sun shining or the wind blowing! In our Bethesda pilot we’ve produced a short film with some top tips to help those involved. View the film here in Welsh, or in English.

2. A virtual tour of the Hydro scheme powering Bethesda 

In March, the team at 10:10 paid a visit to Bethesda to meet the people on the ground in the project. The Welsh weather lived up to its reputation and Emma was treated to a slightly damp tour of the National Trust Hydro project that’s is powering the Bethesda pilot, however, damp hair aside, as Keith says, there is no such thing as bad weather!  You can meet Keith and get a virtual tour of the scheme click here

3. Blog – one family’s experience of the Energy Local Pilot 

Donna Watts1

An interview with Donna Watts about what being involved in the Energy Local pilot has meant to their family.
 “At the start it was a struggle… for example; it was a habit of putting the dishwasher on straight after finishing tea. But, now I’m getting into a routine. My husband’s been warned – don’t turn it on until after 8pm!” 
Click here to read the full interview. 

4. Event: What does the future hold for local energy?

Our partners, 10:10, are hosting an event about what the future holds for local energy and naturally Mary Gillie will be there contributing to the panel discussion, alongside other pioneers in the local energy space. The event is to be held at 2pm on Tuesday 27th June in London Tickets are free so register your spot now!

5. Cyd Ynni to launch their new Hydro project

Our friends and partners – Cyd Ynni – who we’re working with on the Energy Local pilot in Bethesda, will be welcoming their brand new hydro project – Hydro Ogwen into the world with a launch event on 24th of June as part of Community Energy Fortnight. The longer term hope is that the new hydro will be part of the next roll out of Energy Local bringing clean, community energy to more homes in North Wales!