Newsletter – May 2016

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1.Working with social landlords in Bethesda

We are very pleased that the Cyd Ynni: Ynni Lleol trial has the support of three social landlords in Bethesda: Grwp Cynefin, North Wales Housing Association and Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd. Energy Local has this week held a drop-in session at the Ogwen Partnerships office for tenants who are interested in getting involved, and a mobile information bus will be doing the rounds on 6-8 June to provide more opportunities to talk about the project with local residents.

2.Cyd Ynni-Ynni Lleol: power prices agreed

The Bethesda participants will be using electricity generated by the local hydro scheme, but this won’t meet everyone’s energy needs all of the time. We have now agreed a fair price for the electricity supplied by Co-operative Energy – our project partner – when the hydro scheme (which provides the cheapest power) can’t meet all the demand.  The price participants will pay depends on the time of day, with the cheapest power available in the late evening and overnight and the highest prices reserved for times of peak demand around breakfast and during the early evening.  Energy Local is developing ways to display information for participants so that they can plan how to use their share of the hydro power.

3.SWELL project – March round-up

March saw the days getting longer and the weather sunnier, and Energy Local saw more locally-generated power used in the SWELL households. Just over 2 megawatt hours (2,153kWh) of solar power was made available for non-generating participants to use. Of this, almost all (1,792kWh) was used by participants, and the rest (368kWh) was exported to the national grid. The value to generators of this shared power was £116 and participants saved just over £80 by using of this power. The total community benefit was just under £200 for March – roughly double the amount we saw in February.

Now that solar generation is picking up during the day, SWELL households can start to switch some of their electricity-using tasks to the middle of the day, to make use of the available power. Time to turn on the slow cooker and the dishwasher when the sun is shining!

Robin Morris has been taking a closer look at the figures for solar generation and power usage in the SWELL project during March 2016…read his blog here

4.Following the sun – summer stories from a demand-shifter

Mary Gillie has tips on following the sun to get the chores done in the summertime…read more.

5.SWELL at Watchfield Fete

Energy Local’s Peter Boait will be representing SWELL and Energy Local on the Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust float at the Watchfield Fete on 4 June.