Newsletter – June 2016

1. Latest news from Cyd Ynni: Ynni Lleol project

Energy Local is now working with Co-op Energy to enable those interested in being part of the Cyd Ynni: Ynni Lleol club to switch their energy supplier and to have a smart meter fitted. We are working with the Financial Conduct Authority to approve the constitution of the Cyd Ynni: Ynni Lleol energy club, and this will give us a template that we can use with Energy Local projects elsewhere.

We are also delighted to welcome Judith Kaufmann to the Cyd Ynni: Ynni Lleol team. She’ll be responding to queries, and arranging drop-in sessions and events during the trial, as well as being a participant.

2. Our energy data online

MobileInterfaceAs part of the Bethesda-based project, Energy Local has asked for feedback from participant households on some designs for an online display that will help them to plan their energy use. It will show how much power the household and the community are using and also provides forecasts the energy that is expected from the hydropower generator. This information is used to recommend when participants should use energy, to get the best from the locally-generated electricity. ePower and Open Energy Monitor are hard at work implementing this.

3. SWELL project facts and figures

proportion of power met by solar each day in May 2016Unsurprisingly, May looks like a bumper month for the SWELL project. Of the 6,124kWh generated from participants’ solar panels, over half of this was shared around the community (3,222kWh) and less than 10% exported to the grid. For half the month, solar power met a fifth or more of participants’ power demand (see image).

The total value to the community was £668 for May. This is made up of savings from using off-peak power and locally-generated solar energy, and from payments made to those sharing the energy generated from their solar panels. We use data modelling to work out the savings and payments, and this is given to participants as vouchers. We’re pleased to see that some participants are doing particularly well in shifting their demand from peak times, with these households only using between around 5-12% of their electricity during the evening peak.

4. Confessions of a demand-shifter – choosing an oven

Mary Gillie has to make a balanced judgement on setting up an energy-efficient kitchen.

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5. Bethesda trial featured in new smart meter video

Energy Local was pleased that Smart Energy GB selected Bethesda as a case study for a new video showing how smart meters can improve people’s lives, and it provides a neat description of the trial too. This was premiered at the Smart Energy conference in Cardiff earlier this week, and it should be available on their YouTube channel soon. There are starring roles for Mary Gillie of Energy Local, Bethesda school children, Keith Jones from the National Trust and Mel Davies from Partneriaeth Ogwen as well as some lovely footage of Snowdonia.

6. Stephen Lloyd Award – this year’s winners

In 2015 we won a Stephen Lloyd Award which was really important for Energy Local. It provided valuable practical support during our first year; the business planning advice was vital to focus our efforts and to help us find follow-on funding. Just knowing that a group of like-minded people supported us gave us a pyschological boost as well. This year, Mary Gillie attended the finale to hear ten shortlisted contenders make their pitch for the 2016 awards. We wish this year’s winners the best of luck!

7. Energy Local’s new look

You may have noticed that the newsletter has a different look this month. With the support of our partners at 10:10UK, we are revising our communication and presentation, and you’ll also be seeing changes to our website soon. The display formats we’ve been piloting in the Cyd Ynni: Ynni Lleol project (above) have been a great opportunity to apply the new look.