Newsletter – July 2017

1. Northern Powergrid’s Local Supply workshop

Organised by Northern Powergrid, Mary joined representatives from Local Authorities and local community energy groups to discuss how local markets can make the distribution system (the wires that deliver electricity to our homes) smarter and more efficient.  Northern Powergrid is keen to work with the sector to benefit everyone. Amongst the other speakers, Mary was pleased to hear Stephen Hall from Leeds University speak on how fast the electricity market is developing as part of a new economy – Energy Local wants to be part of this new economy.

2. 10:10s Transformation Moment – event

dsc_0327_1024Transformation Moment brought together some of the leading lights from exciting projects in the local energy scene, to discuss and debate the future direction for locally owned, democratic energy. Energy Local presented the Bethesda project and the potential for communities up and down the country to benefit from this model in the future which would help to tackle fuel poverty and inject new investment into small scale community renewables. Overall there was a fierce debate and a lot of consensus around the need for collaboration. Plus, all round agreement that we are at a very exciting moment in the history of our energy system.

3. Energy Local’s Dashboard technology 

Working with Open Energdeeonhnhfkkhpmfgy Monitor, we have been working on improving the Energy Dashboard display which helps households visualise when they are managing to use power generated locally. This is one of a number of ways we are helping people to shift the time at which they use energy so as to save themselves money and benefit their local area. Take a peek.


4. Coming soon – energy Local promotional film! 

10:10 have been in Bethesda with a local filmmaker creating a brand new Energy Local promo film that will give a snippet of people’s experiences of the project in North Wales. This film will be available to other aspiring Energy Local clubs in order to help them show their communities the benefits of the project and get local renewables generators on board too. Thanks to the wonderful Energy Local participants – Catrin Wager and her children, and Tom and Caz Simone and their little one. Plus, the ever-amazing Keith from the National Trust who took part in the film. 

5. People want local sustainable energy! Ofgem Future Consumer event t

Energy Local was invited to participate in this Ofgem Future Consumer event (5th July), which attempted to examine the evolving domestic energy market in light of innovations including smart meters, time of use tariffs, and half hourly settlement. The most interesting presentation was from Antonia Dickman at Ipsos MORI. She described the recent polling results which demonstrate the general public preference for local and sustainable energy. Click here to view the Ipsos MORI slides.

At the meeting, 58% participants expressed concern that vulnerable people will miss out on future innovations in energy. Click here to view the poll results in full.

National Energy Action pointed out that many customers who use pre-pay meters are extremely engaged with their energy spending but often don’t switch supplier.