Newsletter – January 2016

SWELL trials – first results

Despite grey winter skies, SWELL participants still achieved savings in the first month of the trial. A forthcoming drop-in session with participants will explain the results and provide time for further discussion. In the mean time, Energy Local has provided participants with data showing their energy use over the last few months so they can see their progress. We will be working with low-carbon group 10:10 to develop ‘top tips’ for making changes to the times electricity is used, and finding better, clearer ways to display the data. Hopefully we can all learn together.

Cyd Ynni & Ynni Lleol making a connection in North Wales

We have begun some exciting work with Cyd Ynni (Energy Together), a consortium of five community energy groups in Bethesda in North Wales. Energy Local (Ynni Lleol in Welsh) is working with Cyd Ynni to develop a new trial in the area (read about our meeting here). If you live in the Betheseda area, keep an eye on our tweets, newsletter and website for more details.

Linking local energy and economy

As part of our continuing development work in Wales, and we are delighted to be working with Chris Blake, Chair of Community Energy Wales to investigate how community energy can be used to develop local economies. The North Wales community organisations that form Cyd Ynni commissioned this work, but it is likely that many of the findings will be applicable elsewhere.