Newsletter – December 2016


1. SWELL continues to gain.

Energy Local’s SWELL project is almost at an end but not before we can report more savings from November.  During the month nearly 6 out of 10 of every kWh of the solar generated was used by the households owning the generation; the other 4 was used by their neighbours in the trial.  Despite the low sun in November, there was still one half hour period where the solar provided all the power required.

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, the average power use has gone up – more time inside and more lighting needed. 

…and a celebration

In March we will have a celebration to thank the participants for all their help and enthusiasm and we will report on the next steps.  In the meantime we would like to say a Big Thank You to all those who participated.

2. Bethesda goes live.

Bethesda’s ‘Cyd Ynni -Ynni Lleol’ Energy Local project has gone live!  The first 61 households are now matching their power use to the National Trust local hydro output with another 40 to follow in the next few weeks.  Cooperative Energy are the supplier and we will see the savings in bills in the next few months.

The ‘Energy Dashboard’ that we have developed with Open Energy Monitor shows household and community power use and forecasts the hydro.  You can see the community and hydro pages at

Cyd Ynni -Ynni Lleol joined forces with Ynni Ogwen (who is developing Bethesda’s first community owned hydro) for a Christmas get together. As well as eating mince pies, we heard about the inspiring work just of Antur Waunfawr.

A Big Thank You to all the participants and to Partneriaeth Ogwen for all their help.

3. Thanks to Kay

You may notice that the newsletter is rather less ‘jazzy’ this time.  This is because Kay who has been doing a great job putting it together each month now has another job and can’t fit this in as well.  Thanks to Kay and all the best in your new job.

4. Energy Local in the media

BBC Wales is very interested in Energy Local.  We had an exciting day filming in Bethesda. Look out for the broadcast on BBC Wales ‘Powering Wales’ and on line and on Radio Wales.  It may feature on other regional broadcasts.