Newsletter – April 2016

Cyd Ynni-Ynni Lleol project: ready to go!

Energy Local has made a major step forward with our Bethesda-based project, Cyd Ynni-Ynni Lleol. With the great support of our project partner TMA (who collect and manage data from our electricity meters) and advice from Ofgem, we have reached an agreement for the ‘behind the scenes’ processing of the data from Elexon. It’s great that TMA and Elexon are keen to find innovative ways of working. This all means that we are now ready to carry out the first trial.  We are pleased that Ofgem is supportive of our innovative approach and will be looking to the project to see how it benefits consumers: it’s about participatingin the energy market as well as delivering lower bills. 

So, we are now recruiting trial participants in the Bethesda area. Energy Local’s Mary Gillie spent a hectic 4 days with Mel Davies from our project partner Ynni Ogwen visiting schools, choirs, social landlords and cafes to publicise the project. We were especially touched by the enthusiasm and welcome of Pen-y-bryn and Llanchellid school children: Mary learnt some new words singing ‘head and shoulders, knees and toes’ in Welsh! The children went away armed with monitors and energy diaries to see how much energy different appliances use, and to work out what energy use they could shift from the evening peak. It was a great boost to the project, but we still need some more participants, so please spread the word.

SWELL participants get vouchers and lighting showcase

We are still busy with the SWELL project, working in the Oxfordshire villages of Shrivenham, Watchfield and Longcot. Participants have received their Co-op vouchers for the first quarter, representing the energy savings they have made. We followed this with a popular drop-in session where participants could share their own experiences and also have a look at different LED lighting that they might want to use at home.

More events are planned, including lunch-time meeting in July for InnovateUK lead technologists to discuss the project with partners and participants. We’ll also have stands at the forthcoming summer fetes in Watchfield (4 June) and Shrivenham (27 August).

1010UK and Energy Local get support for new initiatives

Communities that want to follow our example will, in future, be able to use an Energy Local tool-kit, which will draw on our experience and provide a do-it-yourself guide to setting up a community energy initiative.  We are able to do this thanks to the good people at 1010UK who led a successful bid to the Tudor Trust which has provided us with funding. It will give a real boost to our efforts to communicate the benefits of the Energy Local approach.

With design advice from 1010UK, Energy Local is also pleased to be working with Open Energy Monitor to find clearer ways to present information to Energy Local participants. We plan to consult participants’ about how we might communicate better, and will provide some examples of different approaches in the near future.

All washed up – our demand-shifter investigates her laundry habits

Energy Local’s Mary Gillie has been investigating the cost of washing.

“I have a very efficient washing machine but I was amazed by the power consumption for different programmes.  Armed with a plug-in energy monitor I measured the energy consumption for each one”…read more.