News – September 2017

Project update Bethesda North Wales – plans to expand the scheme

The Energy LoTom Simonecal club organised a great evening for members and others in the community.  Mary gave an update on progress and plans to bring a second Hyrdro power plant, Ynni Ogwen into the Club and double the number of households involved (currently over 100) from March 2018. Ammie from Cooperative Energy answered queries from residents. The highlight of the evening was Peter Draper, he gave examples of dos and don’ts when insulating old homes and the importance of letting the building breathe – advice will be on the Energy Local website soon.  Peter gave some real-life examples having advised 5 households in detail as case studies. All fuelled on tea, coffee and Welsh cakes.  The club plan to get together again after Christmas. Thanks to all involved.

You can read an interview with Tom, an Energy Local club member who talks about switching from a pay-as-you-go meter to the Energy Local club, click here. 

Energy Local to arrive in London! Energy Local project to launch in Brixton

BES3 buildings and panel10:10 and Repowering London have secured funding to deliver an Energy Local project with a community in Brixton. The project will take place at one of Repowering London’s existing solar schemes on the Roupell housing estate and will kick off in October with some community consultation to help shape the project to best fit the needs of local residents. The project will run for 18 months initially and see residents save money on their energy bills by matching their energy demand to local renewable energy, produced on site and by using energy at “off-peak” times of the day.

Energy Local shortlisted for Community Energy England project of the Year Award 

The Community Energy England project of the year award winner will be announced on 1st of November and recognises the most outstanding renewable electricity generation project undertaken by a community group. Projects are judged on the basis of project delivery, level of community engagement and involvement of volunteers and the level of community benefits.