News – July 2018

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BEIS is coming to visit!

We were pleased to be awarded funding for a feasibility study by the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy into demonstrating domestic scale demand side response (automatically shifting electricity use to match generation) so that communities can get even more out of Energy Local.  This is not ‘Big Brother’, households stay in control but we hope to develop equipment to give you ‘helping hand’.

BEIS will be coming to discuss our plans on Monday.  We will be explaining the project with partners Open Energy Monitor and EPower.  Our colleagues from SP Energy Networks and Corwen (who are now recruiting for their own club) will also be contributing.  Hopefully we can show the merits of our project to be funded for the demonstration.

Thanks to SP Energy Networks…

For supporting our engagement by supplying free LED light bulbs.  We have been able to help them by distributing leaflets on what to do in a power cut and about the priority services register (see more info).  We also hope to develop projects with them demonstrating how Energy Local can help support managing the network to connect more renewables and new loads such as electric vehicles cost effectively.

Enjoy the summer

Happy holidays – next newsletter in September.