News – December 2018

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Happy Christmas to all our supporters

A very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to you all.  Many thanks for your support and patience.  Our newsletter has been a bit intermittent over the last few months but we have been beavering away.  Here is a brief round up for the end of the year.

Demand Side Response

We are pleased to say we have won funding from BEIS for phase 2 of Demand Side Response project.  We will be working with Energy Local clubs in Bethesda and elsewhere to work out what appliances households wish to schedule.  They will have the chance to try out our ‘Home Hub’ to automatically find the best times to run appliances according to their preferences.  There is no ‘Big Brother’, households stay in control, but we hope it will be more convenient to use the Home Hub than not.  Along the way we will be asking what else the Home Hub could be used for to support independent living and generally make life easier.

We look forward to working with our partners Open Energy Monitor, ePower, DeMonfort University and SPEnergy Networks.

Club Progress

We are grateful for all those would be Clubs and participants who have had to wait to form their Club.  We have had considerable problems agreeing tariffs with electricity suppliers and financing and now sourcing meters.  We are working as fast as we can.  A big thanks to our regional facilitators, particularly Community Energy Wales, who have helped us in resolving these problems.