News – April 2019

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Apologies and Introduction

We are sorry for the delay in bringing you the latest updates on what Energy Local has been up to.

Everyone on the Energy Local team has been channelling their efforts towards developing Energy Local and the EL Home Hub (see below).

Furthermore, I would like to introduce myself to you as the new contact person for the Energy Local Newsletter. Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any queries relating to any of the news briefs below.

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Rania Alqass 

Locally-Generated Renewable Energy on Track to Becoming Cheaper and Easier to Use

As you already know from our previous newsletters, we are currently in the pilot testing phase of our Home Hub, as part of our government-funded energy demand management project (or Demand Side Response DSR).

The Energy Local Home Hub is designed to help participants schedule electrical appliance use to match their daily needs, availability of locally-generated electricity, and the best tariff available at the time (known as Time of Use Tariff or TOUT).

Our first Home Hubs are being tested by volunteer households in the Energy Local Bethesda (Cyd Ynni) Club.

Based on feedback we have received thus far, we found that the programming of certain modern electrical appliances makes them difficult to schedule. It would be ideal to be able to control washing machines, dishwashers and tumble driers, but these are problematic. However, other appliances we can tackle now. We are currently working on being able to include a wider range of appliances for the next testing phase. Our aim is to be able to control dehumidifiers, heat pumps and storage heaters.

Understanding the Needs of Different Households 

As part of our DSR project, we have created a survey to learn more about energy needs in various households and to work out what types of appliances are currently compatible with the scheduling feature of our Home Hub. This data will be instrumental in projecting the level of shifting each household or Energy Local Club would be able to make, especially if we make shifting easier via the Home Hub.

Shifting your energy use of certain electrical appliances to a different time of day will match generation and demand. Shifting may also create a potential for savings on your energy bills by using appliances when the local power supply can cover your needs or by using these appliances at the lowest Time of Use Tariff.

Please, help us by filling in the survey.

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