News – April 2018

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Bethesda’s first AGM – another milestone. Plus more members welcome.

Many of Energy Local Cyd Ynni participants braved the weather to turn out on one of the coldest, snowiest nights of the year for their first AGM.  It was decided it was not the best night for trying out electric bicycles but some did test the heater in the electric vehicle that made it up the snow lane to the hall.  A new board was elected ready for recruiting to allow the community owned hydro to be included in the scheme. Give an EOI at or drop in at Bethesda market to find out more.  It is expected that Crickhowell will be hard on their heels with a recruiting drive as well.

Green Heart Hero Award 2018

With Bethesda we were proud to have been awarded the Sustainable Rural Innovation, Green Heart Hero Award 2018 by the Climate Coalition.  We also got a nice letter of congratulation from the Department of BEIS. Thanks for everyone’s hard work.  We hope more people will want to join in Bethesda and elsewhere.

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Prepayment meters

Behind the scenes we are working to include those on prepayment.  With Repowering we are investigating the possibility of participants paying a credit union in advance.  With Energy Assets we are demonstrating how advanced meters could work as prepayment meters in an Energy Local context.  There is a lot of work to do behind the scenes but we really want to include these households.