News – October 2018

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Behinds the Scenes of Energy Local

Apologies for a pause in our newsletter.  A lot have kept us busy behind the scenes.  We are pleased to welcome Linda Hilton onto our board.  We thought it would be good for her to describe a bit about what keeps us occupied.

Have you ever wondered what Energy Local CIC is doing behind the scenes to help start Energy Local Clubs?

Lots of technical work goes on and we work with our regional facilitators to help develop new Clubs around the country. Here are a few things that we have been doing so far in 2018.

We’ve been working with CEW to develop new Clubs in Wales – Crickhowell, Corwen, Llandysul are just a few. In Oxfordshire, we are working with Bioregional to develop a project in Osney Island and have been involved with a project in Brixton with Repowering London. Energy Local trains new Club Advisors and provides support for these Clubs.

We are constantly developing the Clubs portal to make it easier to make an expression of interest in a Club– you can view it here. Development is continuing to bring everything Energy Local into one place for the future.
We also work with Club members who voluntarily test the changes that we make. Since September 2018 we have been testing our new switching facility.
Club Officers now have an extensive set of documentation and materials to help them recruit new members to the Club.

Since February, the Energy Local Energy Dashboard has a facility where Club members can see monthly reports when they login and a better way to see their use of locally generated electricity and extra electricity all in one place. You can view the Energy Dashboard here.

Energy Local is breaking new ground in the Energy Market.
Mary and the team are continually working behind the scenes on regulatory items concerning smart meters and the infrastructure necessary to make Energy Local Clubs possible. We have one to one meetings,contribute to consultations and provide evidence to Ofgem, Elexon and BEIS.  Mary sat on the ‘Future Charging’ taskforce in proposals for new ways to fund how we develop the electricity network.

We do a lot of negotiating with our supplier to get the best possible Time of Use Tariff for our Clubs and this is currently proving a difficult task with wholesale electricity prices across the board at the highest they have been in a decade! Lots of negotiating going on right now and Energy Local won’t give up to get the best deal for Clubs.