Newsletter – July 2015


Energy Local Newsletter

July 2015

Our general newsletter to keep all those interested in Energy Local up to date.




Electrician’s Surveys

Almost everyone in the trial has now had their electrician’s surveys completed.  We sent information about the energy ratings of their appliances, you can download a copy of the general leaflet here.

Each home has been reviewed and although a few need some minor work we’re delighted to say that all are suitable to take part in the trial. We will be discussing details and sending letter out to participants.

We have a good selection of homes including some with solar PV and some with electric heating, the pub, the Memorial Hall and Sports Pavilion.

Load Monitors & Diaries

We have been sending out special meters that record 24 hours of electrical usage in a participant’s home. They now also come with a ’24 hour energy diary’ to keep track of how people think they have been using power which can be checked against the actual readings. We are very grateful that people have been using and returning them quickly so we can get some sample baseline data for Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute before the equipment is installed.


The design of the display and interface (that is like a web page) will allow participants to monitor their usage and to control the new equipment is nearly complete. Thanks to five participants who are providing feedback on the design.


Having proven the prototype versions of the equipment it is now in the process of being manufactured. All homes will have the ‘HestiaHub’ control box with a ‘CT clamp’ which measures the power being used in the home. Those with solar PV will have an extra pair of CT clamps to measure the generation. Homes with electric and hot water heating will have extra controls to switch them on at the best times.


SWELL – Next Steps


• Load monitoring continues including some participants keeping a diary during the 24 hours of monitoring.

• Five participants are helping with feedback on the user interface.

From September

• We will be able to start installing the trial equipment and the trial will be properly underway.


 Low Carbon Hub AGM

On 16th July Mary was invited to speak at the Low Carbon Hub’s AGM in Oxford to explain Energy Local.  it was also great to hear other inspiring projects.  We hope to be working closely with Low Carbon Hub in the future.


Cornwall Energy’s ‘Creating Local Markets’ workshop

Cornwall Energy (named after its founder Nigel Cornwall – not the county!) offers expert advice on the UK Energy Market.  At their workshop, Mary joined a panel of experts to discuss the technical details of how we can transform our energy markets to be responsive to local needs and give domestic customers an active role. A day for ‘techs and geeks’ but great to network with those who are prepared to think differently.


Energy Local in the News

Well done to Pete Benson who made it into the Chester Chronicle by winning the ‘Eco Award’ in Radio Dee 106.3’s Local Hero Awards.

The Eco Award was given to Peter Benson as Chester & District’s Friends of the Earth Coordinator and a great advocate of renewable energy and help to Energy Local.


That’s all until next month. Enjoy whatever sunshine the British weather offers us this Summer and if its raining outside you can always follow us on twitter and keep an eye out for ‘Latest News‘ on the website till then.

Pete Benson