Newsletter – Feb 2015


Energy Local Newsletter

February 2015

Our general newsletter to keep all those interested in Energy local up to date.


Recruiting Now!

Our trial in Watchfield, Shrivenham and Longcot is underway.

We need to recruit 50 participating homes.  We need a mix of electric and gas heaeted homes, with and without solar panels.

We were really pleased with the interest at our meetings in January.  We have another information meeting planned

Information Meeting WatchField Village Hall

February 13th 2pm

Read more about the trial.

If you are in the area, sign up to register your interest

The next steps will be a basic survey and small group meetings starting in the next few weeks.

Please tell you friend and neighbours.


What can you shift?

We are developing a home energy management system but it wont be able to control all your appliances from day 1.  There are some simple ways of shifting load however, for example: using batteries that are already part of appliances or a delayed start function of dishwashers, washing machines etc.

We would like you ideas. Please send any ideas to the following questions to

1. What appliances have a delayed start time so you could delay its start time until the price of power is cheap?

2. What appliances have a battery that could be used during times of high power (e.g. laptop)?

3. Which appliances would you like to be able to control automatically?


Around and about

Energy Local spoke at the Community Energy Market Conference on the 29th January in Bath.  It was good to see the mix of people who attended and range of ideas. Our slides are on our download page.

Hopefully we will see some of you at ‘Power Up the North’ on 26th February where we are running a workshop.