Newsletter – August 2015


Energy Local Newsletter

August 2015

Our general newsletter to keep all those interested in Energy Local up to date.



The equipment is currently being manufactured. This includes the ‘Hestia home hub’ control units that will monitor usage and link to the home display. These also control electrical heating & hot water in the homes that have it via a second box that houses switches.

We are making other final preparations to ensure a smooth installation process and start to the trial. 

Many thanks to several of our participants who have been reviewing the in-home display and giving us feedback on how to keep it as clear and easy to use as possible. More reviews are welcome – see the email sent to participants for login details.

We hope to have everything ready to start installing at the end of September.


Progress with Industry Stakeholders

We have made good progress with key industry stakeholders.  OFGEM, the electricty regulator is interested in Energy Local and supportive of our work with Elexon who manage the data.


FITs Consultation

We are disappointed with the Government’s proposed reduction in FITs (‘Feed In Tariffs‘) for renewables but hope incentives for community renewables may be safeguarded.  

Contrary to many of the headlines,  FITs and ROCs (Renewables Obligation Certificates) are a miniscule part of your electricity bill and new renewables have created huge numbers of jobs.  Tax breaks and price guarantees for fossil fuels and nuclear are much higher.  

However, Energy Local is about enabling communities to get the true value from their renewable generation regardless of incentives.  These political developments show why we need Energy Local even more than ever.


Community Energy Conference 5th September 2015

Our partners Cooperative Energy are co-hosting the Community Energy Conference withCommunity Energy England on the 5th of September in Oxford (100 yards from Oxford Train Station).  

Entitled ‘New Government, New Dawn’ it will also be the marque launch event for Community Energy Fortnight 2015.

We hope to see some of you there.

Book your free tickets on Eventbrite here


Community Energy Awards 2015

Energy Local has been short-listed for this year’s Community Energy Innovation Award – the ceremony will be held after the Community Energy Conference.

Administered by Community Energy England in association with Energise London and the Community Energy Coalition, there are a number of categories to recognise the good work within the sector.

“The awards will celebrate and recognise the outstanding achievements made by community energy organisations across the UK and the dedication of their staff and volunteers. The unsung heroes helping their communities save and make energy and money and eradicate the scourge of fuel poverty.”

Maybe you can come to support us or keep you fingers crossed!


That’s all until next month. Follow us on twitter and keep an eye out for ‘Latest News‘ on the website till then.

Pete Benson