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Help Us Create Energy Communities

Energy Local is a new way to enable  local communities to work together to pool their locally owned generation and manage local demand to reduce bills and carbon emissions. Energy Local believes that communities should be able to benefit from moving their use of energy to cheaper times of day and matching it to local generation.

Who is Energy Local?

Energy Local has been set up to develop new systems so communities can benefit from pooling and using their own generation directly rather than sell it at a loss. It also lets them get power cheaper at cheaper times of day. We were formed to help you save money and carbon and manage your energy use. This is done using new relationships with energy suppliers, smart meters and technology to give you a helping hand in how you use power.

The video to the right describes the idea.  The details of what we are trying to do are given in the following pages – have a browse.

We are still developing the idea and we are running pilot trials.

If you have a community energy project or are interested in the idea, please Contact us and tell us about youself. Please Sign up for our newsletter.

A community could be a street, a village or those involved in the local school, club or place of worship.  We would like you to help shape our work.

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