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Questions that those interested in our trial with Cyd Ynni may want to ask.


Holi ac ateb

About the Trial

What is Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol?     

Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol is the name of the group of households that are taking part in this trial. It will be free to join the group.

How will I save money by using local hydro power?       

As a member of Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol to benefit from your share of the generation from the local hydro you will need to use power when the hydro is operating. You will only pay ~7p/kWh for this “matched” electricity which is significantly less than the average price households pay for electricity now (which is around 14p) and will be the cheapest electricity on offer to you as a member of Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol.

When you use more electricity than to your share of the hydro generation then you will you will be charged at different rates depending on the time of day – these rates will be cheaper during the night and at lunchtime, more expensive at breakfast and tea time. This is called a “Time of Use Tariff”.

What is a Time of Use Tariff?    

A Time of Use Tariff means that you will pay different amounts for electricity at different times of day. There will be off peak times overnight and in the middle of the day and peak times at breakfast and in the evening. The prices Cooperative Energy will charge are below.

How much will I save?  

This will be different from household to household and will depend on how you match your energy use to local generation and the amount of peak and off peak electricity you use. We estimate you could save around £100 a year.

How will I know when my electricity use is matching the hydro’s generation?             

You will have a smart meter fitted which shows how much electricity you are using every half an hour. So you will be able to show you were using power when the hydro was generating. We also plan to give you a forecast of when the hydro is operating.

What is hydro power?  

Hydro power is short for hydroelectric power – electricity created by water running through a turbine. The hydro power in the trial will be from the 100kW plant owned by the National Trust on the Berthan.

What if I’m not sure how much electricity I use?             

We plan to provide a webpage to display you energy use each half hour.

We will provide tips and advice to help you manage your electricity use and show you how you could use less electricity and shift your use to cheaper times of day.

Why is it important to try reduce peak time electricity use?

To make the most of being part of Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol it will be important to make an effort to reduce the amount of electricity you use at peak times (breakfast and evening) as this will be the most expensive if the hydro is not generating enough for everyone’s use.

What kind of things can I do to shift my electric use away from peak times?             

To make the most of being part of Cyd Ynni Ynnin Lleol it will be important to make an effort to reduce the amount of electricity you use at peak times (breakfast and evening).   Many of the actions you can take are simple – such as running your dishwasher and washing machine at different times. We will provide a range of advice and encouragement during the trial and you can get more information here. We will also have some small group meetings or drop in sessions where there will be advice from the Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol team and other members of the group.

Do I have to change suppliers? 

Yes you will have to change to the supplier chosen by Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol. For this first trial the supplier is Cooperative Energy but in future the group can choose. We believe that Cooperative Energy share the values of the trial in wanting to support clean renewable energy and creating a fairer energy system. To find out more about Co-operative Energy visit – www.cooperativeenergy.coop

Do I have to change my gas supplier to Co-operative Energy to?             

No, you can stick with you existing gas supplier, if you wish however Cooperative Energy will offer a dual fuel option.

How does the local community benefit from Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol?

Right now the local hydro has to sell the power it generates for less than 5p/kWh. Through Cyd Ynni – Ynni Lleol, participants will pay 7p/kWh when they match their use to the hydro generation – the hydro gets more income and participants get lower bills.

The hydro plant that will be part of Cyd Ynni – Ynni Lleol is owned by the National Trust and we will be supporting the great work they do.

 In the future we hope that community owned renewable generators can become part of Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol and we can help them generate more money for their community funds.

Will I still pay a standing charge for my electricity use?

Yes about 17.8p/day or £65/year.

Who can take part?

I’m a small business can I be part of Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol?            

You may be able to take part but we are still working on this.

Can I take part if I don’t live in Bethesda?          

For this trial we are only looking for households in Bethesda and nearby neighbourhoods however we hope that the Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol group can expand in the future or that new energy local “clubs” can be set up in other areas.

Must I own my home? 

No, but you must be the person paying the electricity bill. If you rent, you must have permission from your landlord that they are happy for a smart meter to be fitted.

I am on Economy 7, can I join in?           

Yes, but you will need to have a smart meter fitted and move to the Time of Use Tariff with everyone else. Electricity during the night will still be cheaper but there will be four tariffs instead of two.

Can I join in if I am on a prepayment meter?     

We hope so but we are still we are working on this. Please fill in the Expression of Interest form at the bottom of this page and will be in touch.

Some Practicalities  

Who can I speak to if I have a question?             

Cooperative Energy will provide training to their staff so they will be able to answer questions about Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol. You will also be able to contact the Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol team via email and telephone and we will keep our website updated www.energylocal.uk/cydynni you will also be able to get the link from www.ogwen.org and www.ynniogwen.cymru / www.ynniogwen.wales

How will you send me information?      

The easiest way is for us to email you information. We understand that for some people this is not practical and so can post information. There will be a webpage to show you energy use and when the local hydro is operating.

Can I leave the Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol group?         

The trial will last for 1 year from June and we are asking you to commit to participate for the year. If for unforeseen circumstances you need to leave, you can move to Co-operatives Energy’s standard tariff or switch supplier.

What’s a smart meter and why do I need one?

A smart meter measures how much electricity and gas you are using every half an hour and sends the information to your supplier without you needing to read the meter. You will need to have a smart meter to be part of Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol to show you were using power when the hydro was generating and to charge you different prices for power used at different times of day. Over 1 million households have already had smart meters fitted. Your smart meter will be fitted by Cooperative Energy and you will not be charged. You will keep the smart meter at the end of the trial or if you leave the trial.

Who will provide the bill?          

The Co-operative Energy will bill you as normal although it will look different to your bill at the moment because you will be charged different prices for power at different times of day. We will consult you on the clearest way to provide you with information. Co-operative Energy will pass on the payments to the local hydro for its generation that is used locally.

Are there any additional requirements to take part in the trial?

Because this is a trial we are hoping to learn more about how people respond Time of Use tariffs and matching their used to their local renewable generators. We will invite you to take part in some discussion groups and complete one or two surveys over the year.

What is a kWh?

This is the unit of power that is used to measure how much electricity use.

More about the people behind Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol

Who are Energy Local (Ynni Lleol)?        

Energy Local (Ynni Lleol ) is a small ‘not for profit’ organisation set up to show how local communities and small scale renewables can get better value from the electricity market by working together.

Who are Cyd Ynni?

Cyd Ynni – is a consortium of local community led renewable energy generators includes Ynni Ogwen, Ynni Padarn Peris, Moelyci, Coetir Mynydd, Antur Waunfawr and Ynni Anafon.

The name of the group you will be joining Cyd Ynni: Ynni Lleol as it is from the partnership between these two groups.

Who else is involved running the trial? 

Partneriaeth Ogwen is a social enterprise supporting the communities of Dyffryn Ogwen. www.ogwen.org/

Cooperative Energy is an electricity supply company set up for the benefit of its customers. www.cooperativeenergy.coop

National Trust are members of Cyd Ynni and owners of the hydro plant that will be part of the Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol trial.  

10:10 are a national charity whose help communities tackle climate change.   

Who is paying for the Trial?        ·        

It will be free for you to be part of the Cyd Ynni Ynni Lleol group but the partners involved are receiving grant funding from a range of sources including:

  • Welsh Government/Energy Saving Trust
  • Tudor Trust
  • EU Rural Development Programme

              We are applying for further grants until the project can be self-sufficient.

You can see the other funders who have supported Energy Local here Partners and sponsors

Data protection 

Who will be able to see my electricity bills?        

Co-operative Energy will need to see your half-hourly data to bill you according to when you have used power. To be part of the trial you need to give permission for them to see and use this data. This is standard practice.

Other partners would like to see your data to understand how people respond and the savings they are making. We would also like to give you tips on how to make the most of Cyd Ynni – Ynni Lleol. We will only see the data in an anonymous format.

Likewise we may wish to share data with government agencies but this will only be in an anonymous format.

We will provide details of the data protection and how data may be used, when you sign up for the trial.