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Hoffech chi ddefnyddio ynni gwyrdd lleol a thorri eich costau trydan? 
Mae Cyd Ynni : Ynni Lleol yn brosiect cymunedol sy’n cysylltu cartrefi a phrosiectau ynni lleol. Gyda’n gilydd, gallwn eich helpu i leihau eich biliau trydan (arbediad o hyd at 10-30%) a chefnogi cynlluniau ynni cymunedol lleol.
Rydym yn awr yn recriwtio 100 o gartrefi yn lleol i fod yn rhan o’r treial cyntaf. 
I wybod mwy, cyswllt
Would you like to use local renewable energy to reduce your energy bills? 
Cyd Ynni : Ynni Lleol is a community project linking up households with local community hydro power projects. Working together, we can help you benefit from cheaper electricity (a potential saving of 10-30%) and support your local renewable energy generators. 
We are have approximately 100 households to be part of our first project. We will be recruiting more in early 2018. <– Delete?
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How does it work?

At the moment there are wonderful hydro projects in the Ogwen valley but they are selling all the power at less than 5p/kWh and residents are buying it back at twice the price. Ogwen is not getting the true benefit of the local generation.  With Energy Local, we want to try a new system.  Participants will form a Energy Club,  Cyd Ynni – Ynni Lleol.  Working with the energy supplier, each participant will get a free smart meter to show when they are using power as well as how much.  This means they can show that they were using power when the hydro was operating; Cyd Ynni – Ynni Lleol will agree how much residents will pay for this power – 7p/kWh – so the hydro gets more income and participants get lower bills. The energy supplier just sells participants the power not generated locally.  They will charge different prices at different times of day – more expensive at tea time but cheaper at lunch time and during the night.

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Rheoli Data

Bydd unrhyw ddata a ddarperir gennych yn cael ei gadw a’I reoli yn unol â gofynion cyfreithiol perthnasol. Bydd yn cael ei rannu â phartneriaid sy’n ymwneud â’r peilot at ddibenion cynnal y peilot ond ni fydd yn cael ei basio i unrhyw drydydd partïon at unrhyw bwrpas arall.

Data Protection

Data provided by you will be held and managed in accordance with relevant legal requirements. It may be shared among the partners involved in the trial for the purposes of the trial but will not be passed on to other third parties or used for any other purpose.