Clwb Bethesda Club (formerly Cyd Ynni)

Would you like to support local renewable energy and reduce your electricity costs? Register your interest to join Energy Local here.

You can also view the Energy Local Bethesda Club page on the Energy Local Portal here for contact information and current tariff details.

We started the Bethesda project in 2016 with aim of demonstrating the tools, systems and partnerships needed to make Energy Local work.

We are now working to expand Energy Local Clubs more widely across Wales and the UK. 

Who’s involved and how does the scheme work?

  • A not for profit Energy Local Club (ELC), called Cyd Ynni – Ynni Lleol (now known as Clwb Bethesda Ynni Lleol / Energy Local Bethesda Club) has been formed with households and the energy generators as members. At present, our main generator is the National Trust owned Hydro scheme. We plan to include an additional Ynni Ogwen, a community owned hydro scheme next year and more members.  

  • More than 100 households are involved. They have smart energy meters installed to show when and how much power they are using and are given information and advice to help them match their electricity use to local generation, for example choosing to turn their washing machine on when they know the local hydro scheme is working at full pelt. Members agree to pay a price (“match tariff”) to the generator when they match their energy demand to the energy generated locally.

  • The partner energy supplier sells the extra power they need when there is not enough local electricity generated. They send each household the bill for their total power use.  

  • The door is now open for more households to join the scheme.

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