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Make energy work for you 

Energy Local is transforming the electricity market for communities and small scale renewable generators. Our mission is to help communities get more value from small-scale renewable generation by using the electricity locally.

How? Energy Local has designed a means to have a local market in power via Energy Local Clubs. This enables households to club together to show when they are using local clean power when it is generated. The scheme gives generators a better price for the power they produce, that reflects its true value, keeps more money local and reduces household electricity bills.

We want to expand Energy Local Clubs across the UK – this could make thousands more clean power schemes possible, create green jobs, tackle fuel poverty and lower carbon emissions.

We have clubs starting in Wales, England and Scotland.
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Find out about our first Energy Local Club in Bethesda, North Wales.

Find out more about how Energy Local Clubs work and our ambition to expand the scheme across the UK, starting in Wales.


What would this mean in reality? Let’s take an example of a school. There are great projects where mums and dads, friends and neighbours get together and buy solar panels for the school. The trouble is at the weekend or during the summer holiday when the school’s out, because the power is not being used on site when it is generated, it has to be sold for 5p/kWh and then bought back at over twice the price by someone living next door. The community are not getting the true value from their investment nor retaining the income locally.

With Energy Local, that community could form a legal cooperative organisation –, think of it as an Energy Local Club and negotiate with an energy supplier. The supplier would fit smart meters. The great thing about smart meters is that they show when households has used power as well as how much. So within the community can show who was using power when the solar panels were operating. The supplier sells each member the extra power they use that was not generated locally.

As well as saving on energy bills, if the community is paid for the power that the solar panels generated this can be used to buy more renewable, fit energy efficiency or keep the sports club going – whatever a community chooses.

A supplier can also sell power more cheaply when it is cheaper for them to buy it.

To help household match their use to generation we are supporting the development of a home energy hub to schedule appliances to switch on at the best time of day.

Energy Local is especially good for social landlords. Let’s take another example. Social landlords are trying to find ways to help their tenants who are struggling to pay their energy bills. One way is to fit solar panels to tenants’ roofs but this only helps those in south facing homes and not those in flats. With Energy Local their tenants could form an Energy Local club to share the renewable power. A supplier would fit smart meters so whoever is using the power when it is generated could get the benefit.

In addition the supplier can offer cheaper price for the power not generated locally in the middle of the day or at night. For those of a tight budget they can get a further benefit.

The social landlord could use the income from the generation to fit energy efficiency or more renewables.